Feeling stressed out, is not a natural state of being. I believe the natural state of being for a human is the one we were born with. (Think babies – baby smiles, baby peaceful sleeps, baby eating only when hungry, baby looking around quietly and cooing, etc. That’s the natural state we were all born into.)

Some believe there is something called ‘healthy stress’. Personally I don’t believe in that. I believe one performs at your ultimate best when feeling peaceful but filled with passion. Passion is NOT stress. It’s being filled with joy for whatever you are busy with.

Still – stress is part of most peoples’ lives. Some deal with it very well, others just cope, and others…. crack completely. And when you crack, another person is born: the one with Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder etc. When we arrive there, the message has been delivered that it is critical that we make a plan to return to the natural state. To remember who we really are (think baby again) – and to find our way back.

That is what this blog is about. This is where we will build a campfire and talk about stress, be reminded of who we really are, laugh, love and learn.

When is the best time to start going back to the drawing board? Well… any time of the day, really. Once a day; all day long? 

Pay it forward, too. We are going to go ‘backwards’ and inwards here, but the one thing we could and should all go forward with, is growing the campfire crowd. Share this blog with the world. One of the kindest things one human being can do for another, is to share knowledge. Let’s learn, teach each other, and share with one another.

Love-light and laughter; always



About rethaburger1

I have learnt a lot about life for 3 reasons: I have always loved learning, I have experienced many things - and I have made a lot of mistakes! :) I was blessed with various talents and gifts though, and have a passion for the planet we live on – especially humans. When one is eager to learn about life and living... believe this: life WILL teach you! As a sensitive country girl who grew up with good ethics and sober habits, it is quite remarkable what I have been exposed to thanks to my eagerness to learn about life... I have learnt hard lessons through very close relationships with people with drug and alcohol addictions, HIV/AIDS and ADD/ADHD. I have had a good 12 year relationship, and a really miserable 8 year one. I have been left, and I have left someone. I have been married and divorced, and have dealt with really difficult teenagers as a stepmother. I have experienced trauma and am learning how to manage PTSD, depression, severe anxiety and insomnia. I have learnt through these experiences, but not only that - they have given me a new life; a second life. I have also had a very successful career with a few managerial positions. Colourful, hey?  This blog is therefore aimed at everyone from every age group and all walks of life who want to learn how to enjoy life. I had help on my journey, and now.. now I believe I can be of value to others by paying forward what I have learnt and experienced. I can't WAIT to hear from all so we can create a huge camp fire here. This is going to be an amazing place where we all feel safe and have a good time. Therefore – let the comments roll in and be kind to others who might also benefit from a safe home and circle of friends - let the world know about this blog. Lovelight and laughter; always Retha PS - Yes I will make up my own words if I feel like it! :)
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  1. carol derry says:

    well done you. will be glad to join in discussions if I see a link on my wall. talking about surviving is what I do, getting there hasn’t been easy and there has been many a twist and turn. yet I believe that the windiest road gets you to meet all kinds of people. people who can help you and people you can help, either way life is truly a learning curve

    • rethaburger1 says:

      That is exactly it, Carol.. We have all learnt what we have learnt to play a specific role in the lives of the specific people who will be led to cross our paths – and us, theirs. So nice to see you here. 🙂

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