Where are you in your life dance?

Where are you in your life dance?

I have been living a musical life – just like everyone else. Have sung life in ultra soprano and ultra base notes; flats; majors and minors; allegros and andantes – the whole concerto caboodle. šŸ™‚ I have played every possible life musical instrument that exists too: rock guitar; harp; castanets; African drums; jazz piano – you name it. I have danced every possible life dance: the twist; the salsa; the two-step; gumboot.
One dance I have sucked at: line-dancing (not a good follower). šŸ™‚
And then… the stage crashed. The floor disappeared. I fell without knowing I was falling. Into a space where there was no music. No sound. No musical instruments. No movement. Just.. Nothingness. Deep.. ever-sinking.. pitch black.. motionless.. dead still.. total, merciless darkness..
And the Stumble Dance began. The dance Back to Life. The unfamiliar; never-considered; unexpected Baby Steps Dance. The Just-one-foot-in-front-of-the-Other Dance. The Robotic dance. The Mimicking Dance. An automated dance..
I could do nothing but listen. Then I started practicing. And Life started singing in a different voice – mine. It started presenting new musical instruments: custom made for me by me. I would hesitatingly sing – and Life would echo back a beautiful, angelic chorus. I started dancing again. To a new beat. The beat of my own heart.
And now??
Now I am rooted deep into the warm earth; anchored high up in the cool heavens; held up sideways into infinity by an unseen, calm Force. I am home on this earth. Me.
I have actually only just arrived. I have only just been born.
What does the future hold? I don’t know. Just like everybody else. But I know this: whatever dance it is… I will be able to dance it. And I know this too: I am not here alone, and I have not been taught those dances, instruments and vocals for nothing. So I am reaching out to down below and up above.. but also to the sides to take the hands of whoever would like to take mine. I will lead; I will follow; I will walk beside you. But none of us is really alone, and none of us needs to be.
Take my hand, whether you want to do it as a follower of/contributor to my blog or as someone who wants to allow me to help you with writing.
I am here.


About rethaburger1

I have learnt a lot about life for 3 reasons: I have always loved learning, I have experienced many things - and I have made a lot of mistakes! :) I was blessed with various talents and gifts though, and have a passion for the planet we live on ā€“ especially humans. When one is eager to learn about life and living... believe this: life WILL teach you! As a sensitive country girl who grew up with good ethics and sober habits, it is quite remarkable what I have been exposed to thanks to my eagerness to learn about life... I have learnt hard lessons through very close relationships with people with drug and alcohol addictions, HIV/AIDS and ADD/ADHD. I have had a good 12 year relationship, and a really miserable 8 year one. I have been left, and I have left someone. I have been married and divorced, and have dealt with really difficult teenagers as a stepmother. I have experienced trauma and am learning how to manage PTSD, depression, severe anxiety and insomnia. I have learnt through these experiences, but not only that - they have given me a new life; a second life. I have also had a very successful career with a few managerial positions. Colourful, hey? ļŠ This blog is therefore aimed at everyone from every age group and all walks of life who want to learn how to enjoy life. I had help on my journey, and now.. now I believe I can be of value to others by paying forward what I have learnt and experienced. I can't WAIT to hear from all so we can create a huge camp fire here. This is going to be an amazing place where we all feel safe and have a good time. Therefore ā€“ let the comments roll in and be kind to others who might also benefit from a safe home and circle of friends - let the world know about this blog. Lovelight and laughter; always Retha PS - Yes I will make up my own words if I feel like it! :)
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