Where have we been??

Where have we been??

Where have we been? Where the hell have we been? Our economies have failed us; religion has failed us; our governments have failed us; psychology and meds have failed us. Now, it seems, the planet is failing us. Why? Why is all this happening?
I believe, fellow human beings, that all these things have failed us because we have been absent. We have been leaving everything up to others. We have been doing the absolute minimum, trusting that ‘Someone Else’ would do it. The only problem is.. ‘Someone Else’ got sick of doing everything. Wouldn’t you?
So where are we to go now? What are we to do? Where do we run and who do we ask for answers, direction and the next step – now that ‘Someone Else’ has obviously AWOLed without us noticing?
You know… there is nowhere to run. There is no-one to ask. The world is what it is because we have been wandering around with blindfolds on; just getting through each day. Leaving the big things up to ‘Someone Else’. It is what it is, because we have surrendered our power and been following people and media that we don’t even know, like sheep. It is what it is because we have stopped thinking and believing in ourselves and our own power. And no – it doesn’t matter now. We have made a huge mistake but we are still here. What matters, is what we do from now on. ‘Someone Else is gone’. It is up to us.
It is time to take an interest in ourselves. It is time to straighten our backs, lift our heads, pull our shoulders back and use our voices and legs. It is time to stop paying attention to trivial nonsense (like differences in religious beliefs, income and sexual preferences) and forms of escape like reading fiction and watching soapies and buying what the media says we have to own to ‘fit in’. It is time to stop talking about education as only a form of educating the illiterate. Because let me tell you: the fact that we are where we are on this planet, is crystal clear proof that we are an uneducated bunch and we are all going to die because of our own stupidity.(We can’t blame ‘Someone Else’, remember? SE has run away. For good.)
Get UP, dust yourself off and get educated, humanity. Speak up and ACT.
Stop stressing because you know things are out of control but you’re not sure why. Find out. Vote OUT the weak and unethical leaders. Sign petitions. (Avaaz and Care2; brilliant starts.) Leave the abusive spouse/parent/boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/boss. They have their own journeys and have the right to them, whatever they are – but you are important. Let your voice be heard and your presence be known.
Are we each just a drop in the ocean? Yes! But… the ocean is made up of drops! Yip; we have really gone stupid.
From now on, let’s block your ears. Let’s stop watching and reading gloomy stuff. Let’s get rid of ALL the distractions. Start seeing with new eyes. Stop passing the bucket. SE is gone. I will repeat: SE is GONE. For good.
7 billion people on the planet. 7 BILLION. Imagine 3 billion of us said: “No more. This planet can and will be saved. I will speak up for it; I will defend it; I will stop judging my fellow human beings and I WILL find the things we have in common rather than the things that divide us.” Just 3 billion that will stop being arrogant and judgmental and short-sighted. My, my….
I am involved in humanity. Every single person matters to me. I am no better and no worse than the next person. And I know for a fact I am not the only person who feels like that. There are already millions that are taking a stand. Start paying attention to THAT and you will see.
Don’t let the media and your ‘leaders’ mislead you. Don’t let anyone make you feel worthless or not enough. Creation is beautiful; this planet is astonishingly beautiful. Nothing about it is ugly or has no value. And that includes humanity. It includes you, and the next person. We are not mistakes and we are not inferior as the media, human hierarchy and some religions are trying to tell us we are. We are just as valuable and beautiful as every mountain stream, every river, every flower, every animal, every sunset and every enchanting forest. We were meant to be here. And we were given voices too, just like all of those. Use them without asking for permission. Birds, brooks and thunder don’t ask for permission to BE and to speak. You don’t have to either. So don’t.
Take back the earth, humanity. Take back your voice, your place and your power.
(Reminder: SE is gone. Forever.)


About rethaburger1

I have learnt a lot about life for 3 reasons: I have always loved learning, I have experienced many things - and I have made a lot of mistakes! :) I was blessed with various talents and gifts though, and have a passion for the planet we live on – especially humans. When one is eager to learn about life and living... believe this: life WILL teach you! As a sensitive country girl who grew up with good ethics and sober habits, it is quite remarkable what I have been exposed to thanks to my eagerness to learn about life... I have learnt hard lessons through very close relationships with people with drug and alcohol addictions, HIV/AIDS and ADD/ADHD. I have had a good 12 year relationship, and a really miserable 8 year one. I have been left, and I have left someone. I have been married and divorced, and have dealt with really difficult teenagers as a stepmother. I have experienced trauma and am learning how to manage PTSD, depression, severe anxiety and insomnia. I have learnt through these experiences, but not only that - they have given me a new life; a second life. I have also had a very successful career with a few managerial positions. Colourful, hey?  This blog is therefore aimed at everyone from every age group and all walks of life who want to learn how to enjoy life. I had help on my journey, and now.. now I believe I can be of value to others by paying forward what I have learnt and experienced. I can't WAIT to hear from all so we can create a huge camp fire here. This is going to be an amazing place where we all feel safe and have a good time. Therefore – let the comments roll in and be kind to others who might also benefit from a safe home and circle of friends - let the world know about this blog. Lovelight and laughter; always Retha PS - Yes I will make up my own words if I feel like it! :)
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