There’s a voice in the universe calling each of us to remember our purpose, our reason for being here now

We listen to so many different voices each day.. Radio, TV, teachers, colleagues, bosses, children, spouses… So many voices! How often do we listen to our OWN voice? Our own inner voice? Whether you want to call it the voice of God/the angels/your gut/the universe…. fact is; you will find a clear voice inside of you – if you just started to listen. Love and laughter; always.


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Feeling stressed out, is not a natural state of being. I believe the natural state of being for a human is the one we were born with. (Think babies – baby smiles, baby peaceful sleeps, baby eating only when hungry, baby looking around quietly and cooing, etc. That’s the natural state we were all born into.)

Some believe there is something called ‘healthy stress’. Personally I don’t believe in that. I believe one performs at your ultimate best when feeling peaceful but filled with passion. Passion is NOT stress. It’s being filled with joy for whatever you are busy with.

Still – stress is part of most peoples’ lives. Some deal with it very well, others just cope, and others…. crack completely. And when you crack, another person is born: the one with Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder etc. When we arrive there, the message has been delivered that it is critical that we make a plan to return to the natural state. To remember who we really are (think baby again) – and to find our way back.

That is what this blog is about. This is where we will build a campfire and talk about stress, be reminded of who we really are, laugh, love and learn.

When is the best time to start going back to the drawing board? Well… any time of the day, really. Once a day; all day long? 

Pay it forward, too. We are going to go ‘backwards’ and inwards here, but the one thing we could and should all go forward with, is growing the campfire crowd. Share this blog with the world. One of the kindest things one human being can do for another, is to share knowledge. Let’s learn, teach each other, and share with one another.

Love-light and laughter; always


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